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Ten partners including educational and cultural organizations as well as schools will collaborate in a range of activities which will develop new content and knowledge to support the sustainability of the archaeological sites and their contribution to the economic life of their regions.

GREECE Environmental Education Centre in Kalamata (Coordinator)
 GREECE Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia
 GREECE   Lower Secondary General School in Thouria 
 GREECE Upper Secondary Vocational School in Messene
 ITALY Ca 'Foscari University in Venice, Dipartimento Studi Umanistici Lingua e Letteratura Neogreca
 ITALY   Liceo Scientifico Statale “Girolamo Fracastoro” Verona
 ITALY Educandato Statale “Agli Angeli” Verona 
CATALONIA SPAIN Col.legi de Doctors i Licenciats en Filosofia i Letres i en Ciències de Catalunya
CATALONIA SPAIN   Col.legi Sant Pau Apòstol de Tarragona
CATALONIA SPAIN Institut Baix Camp de Reus

VOLUNTEERS supporting the project

Mrs Louisa Anastopoulou is the "mother" of this project, as the person that conceived the idea,  proposed the collaboration of the most of the partners and revised the project proposal before submitting it. She has a huge expertise in European programs as she is literally also the mother of Comenius European program. Now, she is our project advisor and she works as a volunteer following the project agenda.

INDIRE (Institut for Research and Innovation in Italian Schools) contributes to the project, by offering EdMondo Virtual World for Schools as well as respective guidance and technical support  by Mr Andrea Benassi, researcher.  His work, from the beginning of this project (as a proposal) until this moment -where he is the teacher and coordinator of respective e-learning activities in EdMondo- is admirable and of high standards.

Prof. Petros Themelis, archaeologist, University professor and Director of the ancient Messene excavation and restoration project supports ArchaeoSchool by offering his knowledge, his ideas and all the support our pupils could imagine. in collaboration with Society Of Messenian Archaeological Studies, the project has access to a real treasure of knowledge.

Preparing the project proposal - Louisa and Andrea
Preparing the project proposal - Louisa and Andrea
Prof. Themelis speech during Introductory Seminar
Prof. Themelis speech during Introductory Seminar

Associated partners of ArchaeoSchool project



·    Secondary Directorate of Education in Messenia

·    Counseling and Guidance Center in Kalamata

·    Messenian Secondary school counselors

·    University of the Peloponnese - Department of History, Archaeology, and Cultural Resources Management

·    Municipality of Kalamata

·    Municipality of Messene

·    Local Community Council of Ancient Messene

·    Captain Vassilis Foundation

·    Amateur theatre groups in Messenia

·    Museo Correr Venezia


·    Liceo Convitto Marco Foscarini Venezia

·    Università degli Sudi di Verona Dipartimento Tempo, Spazio, Immagine e Società

·    Museo Lapidario Maffeiano di Verona

·    IUAV Università di Venezia Dipartimento di Storia dell’Architettura - L.A.M.A. Laboratorio di Analisi dei Materiali Antichi

·    Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano Verona

·    Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona Dipartimento Progettazione e Arti Applicate Scuola di Restauro

·    Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, MAC with Barcelona and Empúries Museums

·    Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona (MNAT)

·    Tarragona Impulsa (local entrepreneur enterprises)

·    INSIDE (marketing enterprise)

·    Cambra de Comerç, indústria i navegació de  Reus

·    Fundació Escola-Empresa de Reus

PARTNERS: The persons involved in the project



Environmental Education Center in Kalamata (KPE)

Georgios Panagopoulos Head of Environmental Education Center, teacher
Anastasios Zompolas Deputy head of Environmental Education Center, teacher and archaeologist
Georgios Argiroiliopoulos Pedagogical team member of Environmental Education Center, teacher
Dimitra Michalakopoulou Pedagogical team member of Environmental Education Center, nursery teacher
Ioanna Ravani Pedagogical team member of Environmental Education Center, Computer Science teacher
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia Evangelia Militsi-Kechagia Director of Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia
Katerina Tzamourani Archaeologist and Museum Educator
Maria Tsoulakou Archaeologist and Museum Educator
Dimosthenis Kosmopoulos Archaeologist
Eleni Andrianopoulou Administrative staff
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Upper Secondary Vocational School in Messene (EPAL) Dimitrios Apostolopoulos Headmaster
Antonios Feidas Computer Science teacher
Anna Kleidona Economy teacher
Stavroula Tserpe Computer Science teacher
Efthalia Pantosti English teacher
Aikaterini Routsi Mathematics teacher
Georgios Koutsopoulos Mechanical engineer teacher
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Lower Secondary General School in Thouria Panagiotitsa Andreakou Mathematics teacher - Headmistress
Maria Balaska Environmental Education teacher
Anastasios Ntimenos Computer Science teacher
Eftixia Koutrika Language teacher
Maria Polichronopoulou Language teacher
Dimitrios Tsimiklis English language teacher


Ca Foscari University of Venice Michele Bugliesi Rector
Caterina Carpinato Associated  teacher on Modern Greek Language and  Literature
Laura Susanetti Administrative support staff
Eugenia Liosatou Contract Teacher and Teaching Assistant of Modern Greek Language
Eliana Mescalchin University Student
Giula Allegro University Student
Kiriaki-Angeliki Tsoumaka University Student
Lorenzo Calvelli Researcher of Roman History
Tatiana Bovo University Professor
Eleni Galani University Professor
Patricia Rossetti Administrative support staff
Damiano Biancato Administrative support staff
Patricia Cavazzani Administrative support staff
Elisabetta Conte Administrative support staff
Simonetta Gardin Administrative support staff
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Liceo Scientifico Statale Gerolamo Fracastoro Tiziano Albrigi Headmaster
GianDomenico Sergio history of arts/architecture teacher
Patrizia Cieno English teacher
Sandra Franzogna Sciences teacher
Andrea Capuzzo History and Geograhy teacher
Stefano Gugole Computer Science teacher
Cristina Remedi Administrative support staff
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Educandato AGLI ANGELI Rosa Anna Tirante Headteacher of Educandato Statale "Agli Angeli"
Lucia Coghi Teacher of Latin and Greek, expert in Greek
Enrichetta Toscano Teacher of law, expert in Economics
Tiziano Beltrame Teacher of Mathematics and Physics, Computer expert
Laoura Cogo Spanish teacher
Stefano Verze Mathematics teacher


Col·legi de Doctors I Llicenciats en Filosofia I Lletres I en Ciències de Catalunya Josefina Cambra President
Maria-Mireia Montané member of the CDL Directorate, and Director of the Centre for International Educational Programs
Carme Amorós Basté Official member of the CDL, expert on Teacher Education and in Evaluation of Innovative Programs
Lídia Fernández Torrell CDL chief editor, webpage manager
Xavier Juan Member of the CDL Directorate, Geology teacher
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Institut Baix Camp Josep Gabriel Lluís Queralt Director
Mayte Solé Clavero English teacher
Teresa Morales Tassias Knowledge Building expert, special needs teacher
Carme Aragones Olle Teacher
 -------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------
Col·legi Sant Pau Apostol Pablo Muñoz Pérez Head
Pere Boluda López Pedagog teacher
Montserrat Arbó Franco History teacher
Oriol Mestres Mestres Economy teacher
Pilar Francisco Gonzalez Economy teacher