1st year activities

- Initial Study of the archaeological sites (humanistic, cultural,scientific, economic, environmental)

-This study will be based in Knowledge Building theory. For this the project will develop a Knowledge community based via a specific online platform (KF5).

- The results of this study will be the base of the Development of 3D virtual reconstructions of monuments using a Virtual Cultural heritage tool and simulations (EdMondo)

- Language and Cultural lessons

-Linguistic modules :Modern Greek, Italian, Catalan/Spanish

- Teacher blended seminars

- Introductory Seminar

-e-learning Seminars

 - on Knowledge Building theory and Knowledge Forum platform

- on Virtual Cultural Heritage and EdMondo world

Pupils’ exchange to Tarragona (Catalonia-Spain)

- Virtual enterprise (from one partner school)

- Dissemination activities

- Multiplier event in Barcelona