Introductory Seminar

November 2015
5-day transnational joint staff training activity in Kalamata, Greece (Download the seminar agenda)

Goal: to introduce the main concepts of the project and the educational approaches that will be followed.

– Intedisciplinary stud of Archaeological sites
    • Strategies of Cultural Management by Prof. Petros Themelis, Head of excavation and restoration in ancient Messene
   Archaeological sites and Education,
Georgios Panagopoulos, Environmental Education Center in Kalamata

Cultural heritage
   Language and Culture by Eugenia Liosatou, Modern Greek Language Lecturer, University of Ca’ Foscari

Knowledge Building  theory and Knowledge Forum
    • Introduction to Knowledge Building by Carme Amorós, Lídia Fernández, Xavier Juan, Mireia Montané - Centre for International Educational Projects, Col·legi de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia i Lletres de Catalunya
    • Knowledge Building International Project by Teresa Morales and Mayte Sole, Institut Baix Camp school

Digital applications in Cultural Heritage:
EdMondo Virtual Reality Platform

Education for Sustainable Development  and Continuous training in archaeological sites
    • Introduction to ESD  by Maria Balaska - Lower Secondary General School of Thouria

Entrepreneurship, sustainability, creativity
    Entrepreneurship Introduction by Oriol Mestres (Saint Pau Apostol school) and Carme Aragones (Institut Baix Camp school)

The seminar also included visits :
1. to the archaeological site of ancient Messene, escorted by Prof. Petros Themelis, Head of excavation and restoration in ancient Messene
2. to the respective Museum
3. to the Antiquity Museum in Kalamata
4. to areas of entrepreneurship development paradigms related to cultural heritage