2018Students’ exchange

Monday 23/4/2108 :
Environmental Education Center (KPE) + Kalamata city

  • Educational activities at Environmental Education Center
  • Walk towards Kalamata center (2 groups: by foot or bicycle)
  • Meeting the archaeologists - Archaeological Museum of Messenia
  • Back to Environmental Education Center by foot/bicycle
  • Rehearsal of all pupils for preparing the theatrical play "Sacrifice"

Tuesday 24/4  - Ancient Messene and Messene

  • Visit : ancient Messene archaeological site
  • Watch theatrical play during the International Festival of ancient Drama 2018 – “The Trojan women” of Euripides by Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  • Educational activities and rehearsal at the ancient theater by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia
  • Walk in ancient Messene archaeological site
  • Rehearsal at EPAL school (amphitheater)

Wednesday 25/4 – OLYMPIA           

  • Educational activities at Environmental Education Center in Krestena
  • Educational activities at archaeological site of OLYMPIA
  • Rehearsal at EPAL school (amphitheater)

Thursday 26/4 – KALAMATA

  • Archaeological Museum of Messenia (Kalamata)
  • Educational activities in groups - walking at the historical center of Kalamata
  • Cultural Center of Kalamata
    - Organize the pupils’ Exhibition
    - Rehearsal

Friday 27/4 – KALAMATA Multiplier event

  • Multiplier event (pupils responsible for the exhibition and presentation of 3’ video per country with pupils’ activities, their experience, feelings etc)
  • Rehearsal – preparations
  • Theatrical play by schools, musical performance and Closure

Saturday 28/4 – FREE time and THOURIA

  • Discussion with project meeting group
  • Multiplier event at THOURIA organized by Thouria school